AOSP Compiled ROM for Galaxy Nexus

So, few days back I released a ROM for Galaxy Nexus compiled from AOSP 4.2.1
I am now carrying this work ahead and soon will release a new ROM based on 4.2.2, watch this space for more information.
Also, I will be posting frequently about my future works here, and on Google+.
Thank You

PrimeHD for Xperia X8

What is PrimeHD?

PrimeHD is a custom ROM for Sony Xperia X8 with no UI tweaks and some major performance optimizations.
The ROM gives a great battery life and does not have any cumbersome bloatwares included. With over 250,000 downloads, PrimeHD is one of the better ROM's available for your device.

  1. Built from CM Sources
  2. Absolutely Clean(frankly speaking, ROMs here are cluttery, crappy & cumbersome)
  3. Great performance with 2D/3D
  4. Better graphics rendering
  5. SDCard optimizations: Normal speed upto ~12MB/s
  6. Zip-Aligned for better RAM at boot
  7. Deodexed
  8. updater-scripts tweaks
  9. build.prop tweaks
  10. Edited framewok-res for better battery icons
  11. Optimized PNGs
  12. Works on nAa kernel
  13. Stock 2.3 Launcher
  14. ICS Transitions
  15. 3MP Camera(Sample Photo)
  16. Google Play
  17. Awesome battery life




1. Latest baseband
2. Unlocked bootloader
3. CWM Recovery
4. Latest kernel as per required

Installation for custom kernel:

1. Download ROM, nAa/Alfs kernel.
2. Flash kernel using flashtool.
3. Boot into CWM.
4. Wipe Data(if you are currently on this ROM, full wipe not required)
5. Flash the ROM.
6. Enjoy

How can you say this is a good ROM?

My mom use it as a daily driver. Nuff said 

Changelog and Stats

AOSP Compiled Android 4.2.1_r1.2

  • A simple ROM. Fresh & hot out of Android compilers. This build is the latest Android 4.2.1-r_1.2 JOP40G released few days back. Nothing fancy here, 100% stock with no customizations.

  • Android 4.2.1_r1.2 JOP40G


Google Apps


JOP40D → JOP40G:


Androxide ROM for Galaxy Nexus

Presenting Androxide for Galaxy Nexus!

Some of you who have upgraded from Nexus S might know me. Androxide for Galaxy Nexus provides features+smoothness+stock feel. These ROM's are self compiled CM kangs with some personal(major) changes.

  • Status bar settings
  • Android 4.2.1 JPO40D
  • Customizable Quick Settings
  • Notification Widgets
  • Customizable Power Menu
  • New CM 'Chronus' Widget
  • Customizable On-Screen buttons
  • Customizable LED
  • CM Theme Chooser
  • Profiles
  • Stock kernel
  • Personal tweaks and optimizations
  • CM File Manager
  • Smooth and stock like
  • No clutter
  • T9 Dial pad
  • Stock Launcher


MD5: FA36B0AAED75EB021F08BFAE252C0026
Google Apps


CyanogenMod for File Manager, Settings and few other resources.

Development is on!

The work is in progress. I am still developing for GingerFroyo. But can't figure what to change in next version, possibly because I shared what I wanted, as soon as something new strikes my mind, I will release a new version.
But any suggestions are welcome! :)

GingerFroyo Returns

The current version is GingerFroyo Super!
Go grab it!
Check out the thread!

What's Next?

The next version of GingerFroyo is going to be superlite!
More details coming soon!
Stay tuned here!
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