Androxide ROM for Galaxy Nexus

Presenting Androxide for Galaxy Nexus!

Some of you who have upgraded from Nexus S might know me. Androxide for Galaxy Nexus provides features+smoothness+stock feel. These ROM's are self compiled CM kangs with some personal(major) changes.

  • Status bar settings
  • Android 4.2.1 JPO40D
  • Customizable Quick Settings
  • Notification Widgets
  • Customizable Power Menu
  • New CM 'Chronus' Widget
  • Customizable On-Screen buttons
  • Customizable LED
  • CM Theme Chooser
  • Profiles
  • Stock kernel
  • Personal tweaks and optimizations
  • CM File Manager
  • Smooth and stock like
  • No clutter
  • T9 Dial pad
  • Stock Launcher


MD5: FA36B0AAED75EB021F08BFAE252C0026
Google Apps


CyanogenMod for File Manager, Settings and few other resources.
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